Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There's a New Gynecologist in Town!

That's right, ladies. Uniontown Hospital has opened a new gynecologist in town, right in the same shopping plaza as Target.

This means that plaza now holds not just our only Target, but also our only PetSmart, one of our countless Dollar Generals, a Shoe Carnival, Dots, and a hair salon that I think is a Supercuts, but I could be wrong. I'm only ever on the Target/PetSmart side. The point is, the addition of the gynecologist means the plaza is now a true one stop shop. You can accomplish everything there now! And is there a better place for it? I mean, we have a few different plazas consisting entirely of medical buildings, and we wouldn't want to put a gynecologist there. Nope. It's just so nice next to the Supercuts.

What makes it even nicer is the pictures of the doctors in the windows. Really big pictures. They also have lovely advertising - big billboards along New Salem Road near the mall with the doctors smiling and holding babies and lines like, "The doctor is ready to see you now." I promise pictures in the near future.

But wait, it gets better. The office is operated by Uniontown Hospital, a hospital with the greatest of reputations. My roommate, for example, has severe migraines and ended up there once and the hospital didn't have a very common drug to treat her. And then there are the malpractice lawsuits, like this one for wrongful death. Or the malpractice suit after a 20-year-old's legs were unnecessarily amputated. Or the malpractice suit after the hospital's lab failed to report the results of a blood test to a woman's doctor, resulting in a hysterectomy that probably could've been prevented. Granted, it's not all bad - my great-grandma, grandma, and mom have all come out of the hospital better than they were going in rather than worse, but we also have a relative working there to check in and know from experience at this point who the best doctors are.

So, women of the Nam, go ahead. After all, the doctor is ready to see you now. When you're done shopping and getting your hair done, of course.


  1. That sounds so awkward to have a gyno clinic right in the middle of a shopping center lol

  2. I'm so excited that I saw all that just last weekend and have a perfect vision of what you write about haha.