Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Love Sexual Harassment

We're on a roll.

A Connellsville man/McDonald's manager exposed himself to female employees.

He's also touched them inappropriately. The women said it was "common practice."

This has been going on for six months. It took six months for someone to call police on this creep. The worst part is the women complained to other managers and were told to kick him in the balls--which I do recommend--or that they had sympathy.

First of all, shame on the other managers for allowing it to continue. Higher-ups should've been notified at the very least. Cops should've been called sooner. Sexual harassment is never, ever okay, and if you're reporting it to managers who aren't doing anything you need to call the police yourself. Women shouldn't fear for their safety while at work, especially at a place like McDonald's.

The dude said he didn't mean for the women to see his privates. Yeah, okay. He was just exposing them to the wall, then, I guess. If anyone ever does this to me, I'm going to laugh in his face then turn into a megabitch and call the cops and make him rue the day he crossed me.

Ladies, we don't need to put up with things like this and we absolutely shouldn't. Men should not get away with this.

Bottom line: this is never okay. Men of the Nam, you need to stop thinking you're entitled to women just by virtue of their gender. Women of the Nam, we need to show these men who's the boss. Hint: it ain't Tony Danza.

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