Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Know Your Primary Candidate: Zimmerlink (Or, Damn There Are a Lot of People Running for Commissioner)

So we have the Democrat candidates out of the way and I'm already tired of this series. I blame the drama involved. Who knew that there was so much going on with the county commissioners?

Republican Angela Zimmerlink, for example. She's suing the other two commissioners, the Two Vinces. She's saying they've prevented her from speaking freely in retaliation for her consistent criticism of them. To be fair, I was once at one of their meetings because my dad was being honored, or something (I didn't pay much attention), and she did talk a lot. She was very feisty, and not in the fun way. I was put off. And I don't doubt that she's been critical of them all, but I do doubt that a lawsuit is necessary.

The Vinces called the lawsuit "frivolous."

Basically, it sounds to me like she's cranky. But you can read whatever she has to say - which, like I said, is a lot - on her blog. So there are other Fayette County blogs. They're just not talking about that ninja.

You can also print and distribute these little ads if you like her. Or these if you want a picture.

At this point in the elections, I say screw all three of 'em and get someone new in there. Ambrosini's ads are pretty.

Just sayin'.

Remember, I can't vote because I'm an Independent. That fact comes in handy when my Republican relatives try to insult me by trash-talking Democrats.

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