Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Know Your Primary Candidates: Vicites and Zapotosky

Vincent Vicites and Vincent Zapotosky are running as a team for Commissioner. The two Vincents. How cute. Their slogan? "Getting things done." It's simple. It says nothing about what they're actually going to get done. It's vague. I love it.

They do want "a better quality of life for Fayette County." That's good enough for me, even if pretty much everyone wants that.

Vicites wants "new job opportunities with increased economic development, completion of the Mon-Fayette Expressway, Connellsville Airport Runway Extension, County Business Park/infrastructure development, public transportation enhancement and maximum tourism promotion." That's right. Connellsville has an airport! Who uses it, you ask? I have no idea.

His website reads like a resume, but that's probably a good thing. He's laying it all out, and I like that. I also like his header: "Dedicated, Educated, Experienced." That's right, he's educated. Education is important. Education helps you do things like make county commissioner. I don't think Corbett got that memo when he decided cuts to education in the state budget were a great idea.

As for Zapotosky? He said, "I want to focus on Fayette County's future and making it a brighter one." And the article about their partnership is full of nothing but positivity and apparent sincerity about helping the Fayettenamese.

Notable accomplishments so far include a recent $4.1 million grant to help residents improve energy efficiency in their homes. They were also involved in the autism center at Highlands Hospital in Connellsville. Meanwhile, Uniontown Hospital is probably still a death trap.

They have been named in a lawsuit against the county that deals with property values and confuses me, to be honest, and seems like a whole bunch of chaos. And for some reason drags in the fact that some of the people involved are Facebook friends with each other. Stay classy, Fayette County.

But still, The Vinces sound promising and have gotten a lot of support already. Here's to hoping no false promises or trickery are involved. Like that time Corbett said he wouldn't raise taxes and technically didn't but screwed the school districts over so that they might have to. Good times.


  1. Well done. Just saw the billboard on 119N, and chuckled to myself.

  2. "the two Vincents. How cute." hahahahaha I love this blog. I feel like only a fayette county native can truly appreciate things like this.

  3. I couldn't find a picture of that billboard, but when I'm home this weekend I'm going to try to take one myself.

  4. As good as the guys sound, I still don't trust politicians.

  5. It's right by Cellurale's and that light up time and temp sign... I think.