Sunday, April 17, 2011

Man Robs Gas Station with 2x4 Piece of Wood


A man, armed with only a 2x4, held up a gas station. He demanded money from the attendant, but the article doesn't say whether he got it or not. I'm hoping that the attendant wasn't threatened enough to give in. Sure, being smacked by a 2x4 will ruin your day, but it's not as bad as, oh, I don't know, the prospect of being shot by robbers who take their craft more seriously.

I've been blessed and have never had to work retail, but for those of you who have: A man walks in holding a 2x4 and demands cash money. How seriously do you take him? Do you keep him talking long enough to get some cops to show up? Laugh at him? Give in to his demands? Throw lit matches at his poorly chosen weapon?

Was he that desperate for money, or is he a pacifist robber? Is he the only man in Fayette County that doesn't own a gun?

I have so many unanswered questions.


  1. Note to self - Do not read this blog while eating.

    I almost choked on my dinner as I attempted (and failed) to laugh and swallow at the same time.

    I see a follow up story - you need to answer these questions for us! I hope the clerk lit his weapon on fire.

  2. Heard about this from Mikey this morning... hahaha I was hoping you would post about it. Stand tall stand proud!

  3. It's because the gas prices are so high! Maybe he is a disgruntled drag racer...

    in fact I can think of a few racers who would do just this.

    Note to everyone else: not all drag racers are that stupid. Just some.

  4. please tell me that you saw the coverage for this on kdka. my mom and i just laughed the whole time. we also laughed because some woman in my good old home of uniontown drunkenly called 911 a few days ago because she lost her daughter's hamster. only in fayette county. also, i just noticed your tagline: "you can take the girl out of fayette county, but you can't take the fayette county out of the girl." i said these EXACT words last weekend at the greenbrier. mom and i were in such a classy resort, a place full of rich history and southern charm, brimming with culture and class... and we had the most fun listening to how we echoed in the historic springhouse while we sang bohemian rhapsody at the top of our lungs. that's fayette county right there. i guess we could all be considered high class, white trash. at least, that's how i like to think of it.

  5. ...WOW... um... I do not know how to react to this at all...

  6. Kaylie, I unfortunately didn't. But now I have to go look up that hamster story!

  7. if you can't find it, i'll send you the link. i didn't know what to do when i heard it.