Friday, April 1, 2011

Geibel Catholic April Fools

Who knew my Catholic high school could have such a wonderful sense of humor, and even play off of the gator mascot, old inside jokes, and pranks on freshmen?

From Geibel's website today, as pointed out by my friend Leah:

We used to joke about taking the elevator to the third-floor pool - the school had two floors, no elevator, and certainly no pool. We could not afford such luxuries!

Seeing Geibel administration having a little fun now is nice. The previous one wouldn't have allowed it. Kids these days are even allowed to wear flip-flops and shorts and grow beards. The horror! Our principal had a beard and said something like, "I make the rules, I don't follow them. I earned this beard." Which is great way to get teenagers to respect your authority. But the great mystery is what exactly one does to earn a beard, since any dude with enough facial hair can accomplish this task.

In the spirit of April Fool's Day, I must share what is possibly the most infamous Geibel story. I'd say prank, but I don't even know if this was one.

Dairy Queen is within walking distance from Geibel (and suddenly all alumni know which story I am going to tell). Of course many of us were there all the time, as were students from nearby Connellsville High School. Geibel got out a few minutes earlier than Connellsville, but the point is that any Dairy Queen shenanigans could've been accomplished by students from either school, not to mention the countless characters of Fayette County. But Geibel was always blamed.

One morning, our principal and his earned beard decided to make an announcement. Trouble at Dairy Queen the afternoon before. What sort of trouble? A fight, perhaps? Thievery? Rowdiness? In the words of the principal, "Someone deposited feces on the Dairy Queen floor."

Everyone laughed and laughed. No one remembers what else he said, but it was probably something about representing the school mixed in with some threats of legal action. And he and the beard he worked so hard for were respected even more, I'm sure.

If a Geibel kid was responsible, I don't know who. Which means no rumors spread, no one bragged, and I've heard nothing since. Which means it probably wasn't a Geibel kid.

But just in case - keep the pranks classy, Geibel. You know, staged food fights and human barriers and Marco Polo in the halls.


  1. I hope Vinny and his stupid beard sees this

  2. I think that any boy/man who has gone through puberty has earned the right to grow a beard. Nough Said.

  3. He might try to bring me down. Not that he can actually do anything, but I'm told he was at the musical acting like he still had authority.

  4. I thought he fled the state?

  5. I don't think. I heard talk of him applying for a job with Southmoreland.

  6. Not allowed to grow beards? WTF?! And I thought my old school was bad.