Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where to Hide from Police

What's a man to do when the cops come for him for kicking in his ex-girlfriend's door and throwing rocks at her?

Hide in the trunk of his car, of course!

At least he was creative, I guess. That tends to be the only positive in Fayette County stories lately.

Note that it was another all too common domestic dispute. Parents of Fayette County: please start teaching your children that violence is not okay. These things happen again and again because people around here think this is acceptable behavior. It's not. And I'm not sure if rocks are better than frying pans, but it doesn't really matter because Fayette County, seriously. SERIOUSLY. Stop the nonsense. This is part of the reason we have such a bad reputation, but we'll discuss that a little more later.

So, we've had a guy take off into the woods to get away from police and now this. If you were on the run in Fayettenam, where would you hide? I'd go for the cliffs of Caspsaris (not to be confused with Winds of Casparis) or one of the little islands in the Mighty Yough.


  1. I'd head out to Bavington or some place like that. Plenty of places and people to hide me there. And the best part is that Bavington doesn't have their own police force lol

  2. Nice Shout out to Winds of Casparis. I'd have to agree with hiding at Casparis or on the banks of the Yough.

  3. I would rent a room at Nemacolin and live it up until I went to jail. And not pay the bill for the room.

  4. He's right up there with that woman who had her kids taken off of her because she was addicted to Farmville.