Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Had a Police Chase!

Basically, "a routine traffic stop turned into a high-speed pursuit."

A pickup truck in Fayette County with a broken taillight and "a very loud exhaust system." Surely, this has never happened before. And either the driver wanted to avoid getting in trouble for his loud exhaust - which is probably pretty likely - or the police would've found something more troublesome if he'd cooperated, like drugs. Also probably pretty likely.

And so he ends up driving into Revere, which only has one way in, and probably drove off onto a path in the woods. And the cops couldn't find him.

I'll give the police the benefit of the doubt and say it was dark, the truck was black, and the woods can get pretty ridiculous. And maybe the driver was smart enough, after going into a place with only one way in and out then hiding into the woods, to not leave his loud truck running. But still.

A black GMC around here, though, won't exactly stand out. That's like saying it was a car with two different colored doors, rust, and a plastic wrap window. Do you know how many cars fit that description?


  1. Wow, someone was actually smart enough to avoid the cops, BRAVO!

  2. I want a shirt that says, "I Love Fayette County" right now.

  3. I can have Marion make you one. She should go into business.

  4. my i love fayette county is maybe my favorite shirt ever. it certainly is the best one i've ever made.