Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ambulance Thief

We just can't stop making the news, can we?

A man from Republic decided to drive himself home from Connellsville's Highlands Hospital - in an ambulance.

My boyfriend's from Republic. Yay, Republic!

There was a police chase and everything, until the man crashed the ambulance and was arrested. He even did $4,000 damage to it.

Did he really think this was a good idea, or do people just do crazy things to make the news now? Mikey applauded us and declared it the best Fayette County story of the year. I have to agree.

It should also be noted that a very quick search for Highlands Hospital malpractice suits didn't get any results, unlike the death trap that is Uniontown. Instead, Highlands is adding an autism center.

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  1. I guess he figured that he'd waited long enough trying to get through the hell of the ER room that he wasn't going to wait longer just to get home after they sucked a bunch of money out of him.