Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every Superbowl Party Needs Some Venison

Two men were charged for killing deer out of season just so they could serve it at a Superbowl party. Or, as people in the Nam like to call it, the Super Bowel.

That picture will always be funny. Don't even try to tell me otherwise.

One of the men is from Lemont Furnace, which is where I live, but I live in a tiny little part of Lemont Furnace (which is tiny itself) that's full of upper-middle class people who do things like use a riding lawnmower while wearing a polo shirt, but that's a post for another day. I'd show Lemont Furnace on a map, but it's not even on most county maps because no one cares.

Anyway, as usual, Kiss FM heard. But it's WTAE that has the best gems - they succeeded where everyone else failed and scored some beautiful interviews. The man who reported the incident seems to have done so because he wasn't invited to the party. At least he handled everything maturely. Meanwhile, the father of one of the men doesn't see the problem. He does have a point - a deer was killed and not a person - but still that's not much justification for breaking known hunting laws. Besides, is deer that much of a necessary Superbowl delicacy that it needs hunted out of season? He also said it's better than deer getting hit with a car, but I'm not sure shooting two deer is going to make that much of a difference. Plus people are usually only injured when they hit deer if they're going ridiculously fast, and Fayette County residents know where they are and what to do when they decide to collide with your car.

Meanwhile, Fayette County's reputation for being full of crazy hillbillies is only improved.


  1. Hmm maybe it's just because I'm not from the country originally, but I don't have a taste for deer meat. I've tried it and I'm not a big fan...

  2. I actually saw on Speed tv last night the state in the country in which you are most likely to hit a deer is West Virginia. And the best thing to do when you are about to hit a deer is to let off the break to minimize the damage to your car. This might be useful information for people of the Nam...

  3. Hmm. The only flaw in that plan is sometimes they like to come at you from the side. I've been in the car something like five times when a deer has been hit, and at least three of those times it was more like the deer running into the side of the car.

  4. This is better than the deer at the shed party