Friday, March 4, 2011

Fayette County Representing in Monroeville

Steel City Con, sort of Pittsburgh's version of Comic-Con, is this weekend and one of Fayette County's own will be there. And no, I don't mean Adam West, AKA Batman and the mayor from Family Guy.

I'm actually talking about Shane Ronzio. He'll be there promoting his comic book, Cross Worlds Nexus, which I actually haven't read yet but plan to. The fact that someone from the Nam is writing a comic book is, I think, pretty cool, and Shane's a cool guy. How do I know this? He was the owner of the beautiful Coffee on Crawford I mentioned a few weeks ago. In fact, I found out about Shane's comic when my dad and brother went to Steel City Con last year and ran into Shane, who recognized them after several years and still remembered me from the hipster coffee shop days of my youth. I was so cool at ten with my hot chocolate and cookies.

If I end up there this weekend, I'm going to beg him to give a Fayette County coffee shop another try. I need one. I can't find a good chai around here.


  1. chai! I totally know what you mean!

  2. Oh Monroeville, my old stomping grounds *nostalgic look*