Thursday, March 24, 2011

Man Steals Lots and Lots of Painkillers

First of all, much thanks for the links from That's Church and Mikey.

Second, don't worry - I will get to the other big Nam news, mainly the house filled with farm animals. Right now I want to talk about stealing vicodin.

Not just a little vicodin. A guy stole 1000 tablets, or whatever the technical term is. Really, it's not even huge news. Only in Fayette County is it possible to say that prescription drug theft isn't huge news, but we all know how common drug use is here.

The fun part about prescriptions is that aside from being stolen, they're often forged. I've heard stories from pharmacists about people adding numbers to their prescriptions - you know, making 10 vicodin 100. Or maybe 1000, although this wasn't a case of playing with numbers. He stole them from a Rite Aide, which happens to be very close to my house and employed my cousin. Good to know the drug problem won't be leaving any time soon.

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  1. O.K. honestly I don't see the appeal of popping vicodin. I got prescribed some when I got 6 teeth pulled at once and it didn't do anything to kill the pain. How's it supposed to make you trip on it when it can't even kill pain?