Friday, April 15, 2011

Luck Be a Lady (at Nemacolin)

Nemacolin is getting a casino!

I'm excited. Now the Rivers in Pittsburgh doesn't have to bleed me dry (okay, so I only went once, but I still lost miserably). Plus a casino in the mountains is neat. Go mini-golfing, or to Woodland Zoo, then gamble.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board granted the resort casino license Thursday in a 6-1 affirmative vote. State Sen. Kasunic said it will add to the resort. It was also said that it'll bring more tourism to Nemacolin, but I don't think they need any help.

They'll be working with Isle of Capris Casinos Inc., who will fund the casino at an estimated cost of $50 million.

It will be added on to the already existing Wildside gaming center and will be called Lady Luck Nemacolin, which in my mind means Frank Sinatra will be playing really loud as soon as you walk in. She'll have 600 slot machines, 28 table games, a casual restaurant and lounge. I hope those slots include the Wizard of Oz ones the Rivers had that I didn't get to play because they were all taken. They were probably spitting out the cash money. Maybe I'd be a millionaire if one of them had been open.

Gettysburg is pretty excited, too - Nemacolin beat them for the license, and while gambling in the mountains is totally cool, gambling on a battlefield seems kind of wrong. Sure, Ft. Necessity is up in those mountains, too, but at least the casino won't be going in the fort or anything.

As for how Lady Luck will benefit the Nam, the county will get two percent of the revenue from the slots and one percent from the table games - an estimated $500,000 the first year, expected to reach $1.6 million by 2016 if the world doesn't end in 2012 as scheduled.

Oh, and jobs. Four hundred in the casino, 120 during construction, and 200 more for the resort. I'd rather work with puppies at Nemacolin Wooflands, but that's just me. Partly because in many cases, you can't gamble in a casino if you work there. Partly because I love puppies.

It could be 30-90 days before the license is actually received, and they'd like the casino up and running nine months after that. So would I. I'm ready when you are, Nemacolin.


  1. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't the idea of having a casino around the area of one of the worst battles fought in the civil war sound really disrespctful?

  2. That's what I thought, and I guess a lot of the residents did, too, but apparently not whoever applied for the license. I have an uncle that lives about a half hour away from Gettysburg and I'm there a lot, and I think it would really take away from the town and atmosphere. Being able to go take a battlefield tour then hit the slots just seems wrong.

  3. Electronic blackjack is my bitch.

  4. I'm pumped. mom and i just won like 200 each at the greenbrier resort casino this past weekend, and that's only the second casino that i've been to since turning 21 in february. she's pumped to be able to take me to casinos now. my aunt and a ton of friends work at nemacolin, so if you ever want someone to go with who can get you the hook up on free extras, let me know. lol yes, i completely respect the historical aspect of the area, because it's my home, and i've been to all of those historical landmarks hundreds of times. however, the tourism in our area sucks lately. nemacolin has been forced to have blackout days where the resort is shut down because no one is visiting the mountains anymore. even though it seems pretty contradictory and insulting to put a casino in the middle of all that history, it could be a bit of a blessing in disguise. hopefully the casino will draw a lot more tourism to the area, and it will introduce thousands of new people to the historical places, such as fort necessity and braddock's grave. it may just put a spotlight on some of the landmarks that have been forgotten the past few years. i welcome the change. it will help boost fayette county in a positive way... and janelle can tell you, fayette county needs every positive boost it can get.

  5. My uncle used to work for the Nemacolin Collection store that was in Uniontown, so for my cousin's birthday one year he paid for us to spend the night in one of those condos at the resort. It was fantastic.

    And you're totally right - I think this is a really good thing, and we need all the help we can get.

  6. I'm not scared to have a few more asians in the area that wanna learn about george washington. if we need a casino to get them here, then so be it. just sayin.