Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ninja Vandal

I have had four different people contact me in some way about this, as compared to the average of zero, even on a big Fayette County news day. And the fact that people now hear Fayette County news, think of me, and anticipate a post is pretty awesome in a weird way. I can only hope that I live up to what are apparently great expectations for this post.

I'll be honest. My first reaction was a total lack of a reaction. I probably should've been surprised, and on some minuscule level I was, but just not enough. Almost like it's so ridiculous that it's not that ridiculous, so bad it's good, etc., to the point that I once again have to wonder if this is for real or if people are trying to make the news now, especially since something similar happened before in Scottdale (which, as a reminder, isn't in Fayette County). This even made CNN.

In case you haven't heard - and if you haven't then you probably haven't seen any newspaper, TV, or form of social media - a man dressed as a ninja damaged 11 cars and tried to stab a man. With a sword. And the man he tried to stab had a gun. Literally bringing a knife to a gun fight. Some cliches are true. But they're also cliches, so they suck.

The victim says that Ninja Man is going to get caught. "We have your blood; we have your fingerprints. You were a dumb criminal." Hey, that sounds kind of familiar...

It made Kiss, of course.

He's still out there.


  1. Yay! I am one of the "four." I wonder if the South Union PD is questioning local retailers to see if any swords have been purchased lately (maybe they are too busy patrolling cul de sacs and checking out people's finished basements though).

  2. I was waiting for this!!!! This made my night yesterday!

  3. First of all, I love the bed intruder song. It's on my ipod. Don't judge me. lol

    Second, my best friend lives on that street. She and her family watched the investigation from their porch that night. She said it was hysterical. My great great aunt lives there also. She's the kind of little old lady that chases ninjas, so they got lucky that she was asleep.

    Third, Kiss FM makes fun of this now. It's hysterical. Please go to their site and search for it.

    Oh and I was waiting to see if you would post this too! hahaha! We need to stick together, us Fayette County girls. :)

  4. I have the Bed Intruder song on my iTunes. When I was vacationing in Delaware this summer, a friend I was with introduced the rest of us to it. We probably played it 50 times in two days.

  5. Did the guy think that by dressing as a ninja it automatically gave him uber stealthiness? EPIC FAIL NINJA MAN!