Thursday, April 28, 2011

Know Your Primary Candidate: Al Ambrosini

First of all, the Herald-Standard lately has been full of politically opinion pieces. Basically, I see them and think, "Blog jackpot!" Basically, there's plenty of good, interesting stuff being said and I plan to tackle all of it, since an hour and a half ago I finished all the coursework for my undergraduate career and am technically unemployed but did get a promising phone call this afternoon in the middle of said undergraduate coursework.

For now, though, I'm going to keep the political discourse going with commissioner candidate Al Ambrosini, even though most of the time you guys are obviously more interested in crazy crimes. I can't blame you. It's entertaining. Politics is draining.

Ambrosini wants change. Ambrosini says he wants "to take on powerful political forces because they've simply not gotten the job done," although "Getting things done" is also what Vicites and Zapotosky promise to do.

He also seems like he really wants to change, and seems friendly. He's also a genius for saying right on the front page of his site that he supports veterans. This is notable for two reasons.

First of all, Fayette County's big on veterans. We gave the world George C. Marshall and have a few war memorials. Veterans seem to be pretty well honored here.

Second, I've heard rumors that the Veterans Affairs office has had issues with Vicites and Zapotosky.

Other than that, Ambrosini wants to create jobs, ensure public safety (probably from ninjas), cut spending, work to tax Marcellus Shale, hold town meetings, and buy local. He also wants to help small businesses, which is great, but he also owns a small business. Just sayin'. That said, Fayette County's small businesses do have a tendency to fail - plenty of restaurants and stores have come and gone, although the reasons for that could be varied.

So he sounds pretty good, too. If I could vote in primaries, I'd be very torn right now. But I'm registered Independent. The choice is yours, Fayettenam!


  1. I'm liking the guy because of the tax on Marcellus shale. But to be honest, he's promising the same thing that every other politician promises but doesn't deliver.

  2. In what I've read so far, he's the only one who's mentioned it in the county, but I could be wrong.