Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Man Quits Job, Boss Breaks His Hands

Because, I mean, nothing says, "I value you as an employee and need your hard work" like breaking your (former) employee's hands.
When he told Neiderhiser he planned to quit when they finished the job, Neiderhiser “grabbed a pipe and came after him with it,” hitting Evangelista “in the hands and head,” the complaint said.
Witnesses corroborate the story, but Mr. Bossman says he only hit his (former) employee with his hands.  Which totally explains this:
When police arrived, one of Evangelista's hands was swollen and both were “shaking uncontrollably,” the complaint said. Evangelista told police that both hands were broken. Officers noted a bump and small cut on his left temple.
So, I guess this job is open now if anyone is looking. In fact, the boss' job might be open now, too.

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