Saturday, July 12, 2014

Parents sue over infant death

Uniontown Hospital strikes again?
The parents of a Fayette County baby have sued hospitals, a doctor, the Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine over their 2-month-old son's death, attributed in part to a tainted blood transfusion.
While Pittsburgh hospitals and a blood bank are named, Uniontown Hospital and Dr. Febenido Pascua are named, as well. The suit includes allegations of negligence, malpractice, and wrongful death.

The baby, Xander, died after receiving a blood transfusion at Magee-Womens Hospital tainted with Cytomegalovirus, which although common and usually harmless can cause complications in newborns--especially in the case of Xander, who was born premature and weighed just over one pound. The suit states that blood should've been screened for the virus before Xander received it.

Xander's mother was rushed to Magee after first visiting Uniontown Hospital, where she had been treated three times prior in the emergency department. The suit states that she did not receive proper care or testing from Dr. Pascua while in "hypertensive crisis."

Pascua no longer works for Uniontown Hospital, although I haven't found any information as to why or where he is now. But I did find this patient medical rating that's pretty terrible.

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