Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Nam in My Inbox: Airport Incident

Sometimes, readers have some interesting stories they like to send my way, which gives a lot of interesting insight into things going on in the county that either I can't keep up with or might not hear about otherwise. And by the way, I love hearing from readers, so feel free to send something my way!

Now, apparently, some shady business went down at the airport after April's commissioners' meeting.

See, Ambrosini was considering using the airport's hangars as a temporary women's annex (and I'm no expert, but using airport hangars to house humans just seems stupid to me). So this reader/informant decided to check out these hangars the next day. Now, she hasn't been to the airport in awhile, but she pulled over at what she thought were the hangars and snapped a few pictures. As she sat in her car reviewing them, some dude came up and "thrust" his head into the open passenger-side window. And let me tell you, as a woman, I'd be terrified if some random dude invited his head into my car. Random dudes outside of my car can make me nervous as it is.

But then he started yelling, asking her what she was doing but also saying, "I know who you are!" Now, my informant assumes he may have been security, although security typically is a little bit nicer when they want you the hell off of property, even though there were no indications that my informant was trespassing. He also didn't identify himself. Still, she explained she was looking for the hangars, at which point he laughed and replied, "Those ain't hangars. Them is warehouses," which I hope to God is a direct quote because nothing demonstrates professionalism (other than laughter and yelling) and a man's right to be asking her questions like that winning grammar.

The man went on to keep saying he knows who she is and did, in fact, recognize her from meetings. Sounds like a creep. And he rambled for awhile and might be one of the only people in the county who supports this new jail but doesn't support higher education--color me shocked--because when my informant asked why we even need said jail, he asked why we need a new college. Um, maybe so citizens in the county can at least be harassed with proper grammar?

He also claims businesses are leaving the area because the airport isn't big enough, because you know the first thing everyone wants to know before they decide to open or relocate a business is how big the local airport is. I mean, I'm sure the fact that most people decided to leave the black hole of depression that is Fayette County is irrelevant here.

The only explanation here is that he's a Man in Black and the hangars/warehouses are storing aliens, Bigfoot, and/or the Yough Ness Monster.

Or, you know, corruption and creepy dudes run rampant because turns out the dude was involved in the 1988 disappearance of a woman in Florida.


  1. Fayette country's area 51 perhaps

  2. Perhaps someone should alert Homeland Security.....