Thursday, July 5, 2012

Close Encounter of the Third Kind

If there is intelligent life in the universe, what the hell is it doing in Fayette County?

Residents of Lemont Furnace have reported (and filmed) UFOs. I even know who people who claim to have seen it.

The video certainly is interesting. Sky lantern, as they say? Maybe. In various parts of the area over a few nights? I don't know. I'm not counting on anyone in the Nam messing with sky lanterns, although the hoax theory is completely believable.

Side note: Andrew Stockey says this got their attention. Now, Fayette County gets attention for insanity all the time, so I can only assume Andrew Stockey either cared this time or wasn't infuriated by this Nam story. Because usually Nam news should infuriate you, and if it doesn't you're probably Satan.

Now, how long until someone has an abduction story?


  1. Me and my mom saw something that looked like that the same night in Cville. We just assumed it was a lantern cause I have little cousins that set them off all the time. Is this UFO thing going to be as big as Big foot in Dunbar???? Look it up, very interesting :-P

    1. Bigfoot in Dunbar was my favorite thing ever. Did you see when the Herald Standard ran a sketch of it someone did? I'm considering offering a cash reward for anyone who can get me that sketch for this blog.