Wednesday, July 25, 2012


From Twitter, posted by KDKA's TrinaOrlando. I don't know where this is, but I wish I did so I know to never go there.

Look, I don't doubt that paper towels and hand soap have been stolen. I also don't doubt they've been used to clog toilets, but on that note, are you a frat house now, Fayette County? You can't be mature enough to not clog public toilets? Resisting the urge to do so isn't hard.

Thanks for the apology for the inconvenience, but inconvenience is nothing compared to completely unsanitary practices. For real? Paper towels and hand soap are kind of crucial in personal bathroom hygiene. You can't just decide not to provide them--unless, of course, you're providing dryers or even automatic soap dispensers instead. BAM. Problem solved.

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  1. 14-1-01 is Mike Metros' office. Guess we should be thankful this isn't in Comic Sans?