Monday, July 2, 2012

Burrito Fail

I can't decide if people in Fayette County think all of their complaints are worthy off legal action or if they just want attention.

A dude was recently displeased with a burrito purchase and asked police to accompany him to request a refund.

Let me rephrase my opening statement: I think people in Fayette County think all of their food-related complaints are worthy of legal action. Seriously, how many times has this happened before? We've had so many bizarre food-related incidents that the connections came to me immediately, and I only have to hunt through the archives to make sure I don't leave anything out, which will take too damn long. Anyway, we've had stolen pork chopsa woman assaulting a store employee with a hot dogmen hunting deer illegally and serving venison at Superbowl parties, the infamous fighting ice-cream truck drivers and the subsequent assault on one of the bosses, and the guy who was fined for smearing wings all over windows because they were burnt.

I guess we could just ignore them, but that's no fun. Actually, the more people who try this, the funnier it gets.

Remember, you also can't report bad weed to the cops.

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