Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Observations

  • Colebrook has a bunch of things centered around the local schools, like chocolate-covered pretzels & Oreos with sprinkles to match school colors.
  • Fayette County's back roads in the summer are actually really pretty for driving. Even now with this lack of rain, everything is very green.
  • Fr. Bob is extremely popular.
  • Someone is driving around Republic in what looks like a 30-year-old police car. Except it's unmarked, just has a big blue light on the top, and appeared to be involved in what we lifelong residents generally recognize as a drug deal. Two cars meet and briefly exchange pleasantries. One car speeds away shortly thereafter.
  • Connellsville has FINALLY fixed that ridiculous excuse for a telephone pole.
Things I did not observe over the weekend:
  • UFOs.

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  1. RE: Connellsville telephone pole - Pics or it isn't fixed.