Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dance for Dreams

Life is full of uncertainties. What can we be certain of? Two things: dancing is awesome, and similarly, the arts are awesome. Nevermind the fact that the two are so closely related that they could be combined into one thing.

Cue Dance for Dreams, a new dance festival with the goal of raising money for the Uniontown Arts Fellowship.
UAF's mission is to promote life, hope and healing in Uniontown and Fayette County through the continual development of the public arts center, The Phoenix, where the community, as well as our underserved youth, can participate, at a low cost or free of charge, in music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. Through the celebration of dance, D4D aspires to bring art, culture, and enrichment to our community.
No one should be shocked that I 100% love this. I'm always complaining about a lack of the arts in the Nam. Aside from being a lover of the arts (I mean, I'm a writer. DUH.), I do believe a heavier presence of it in the Nam really will benefit everyone in the long run in many ways, from providing a constructive activity to something fun for people to go see on weekends to bonus business because few things go together as beautifully as theater and dinner.

It's all going down Saturday July 28 at Storey Square in Uniontown. Storey Square, by the way, is really nice. You can register to participate here or even just go watch the fun. I may be making an appearance, but that depends on whether or not I'm moving that weekend and whether or not moving ends up meaning coming back to the Nam.

Get on this, Fayette County, and don't ever say we can't have nice things!

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