Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fayette Fred

Twitter did it again. Now we have Fayette Fred.

Fred's tweets read more like the average Fayettenamese citizen. An extreme caricatured version, yet still accurate. His bio, for example, reads, "Disabled. Father of 8. Hate the five-0, CYS, and my PO. Separated from Freda due to emergency PFA. Love quads, mt. dew, and being a BAD ASS."

As for the tweets?

Trying to teach my dog to steal copper.
7/10/12 7:54 AM

My water got shut off so it looks like I'll be febreezing myself.
7/10/12 7:32 AM

Busy day of taking down my Christmas decorations.
7/10/12 7:31 AM

Typically, it does a good job of being funny and accurate without getting too mean, which is easy to do when talking about Fayette County.

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