Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Nam on Facebook: Connellsville Trick-Or-Treat

From Connellsville mayor Greg Lincoln's Facebook:

Yes, trick-or-treat has been moved from a Sunday afternoon to Halloween night from 6 to 8 p.m. Travesty!

Connellsville, your mayor's got a point--Connellsville doesn't turn into some lethal cesspool after dark, and I'm saying this as someone who occasionally drinks until very late at night at Lynn's. Yeah, things happen and they always will, but 6 to 8 on Halloween probably isn't going to put your kids or anyone else in any danger.

In fact, trick-or-treating on Halloween will probably just be more fun, and what kid wants to trick-or-treat and binge on their candy on a school night? Let's be real, here--weekend trick-or-treat will make your lives easier, parents.

But if you're that worried, you could always do what my parents did with my brother and I--drive us around to relatives' houses instead of neighborhood trick-or-treat. Which sounds like overprotective overkill now that I'm an adult, but we had fun and never missed out on a whole hell of a lot without the full door-to-door experience.

Or you can get in on the festivities in my parents' neighborhood, especially since I'm pretty sure all the parents there invite all their relatives and friends kids' up anyway. Which is a pretty good idea if you're concord about crime and safety in your own neighborhoods...

P.S.: If I help with trick-or-treat and I'm down to our last nice pre-made treat bags and am progressing to good-but-not-awesome treat bags because we ran out of most candy and your kid is dressed as a Wizard of Oz character or something else I like, I'll play favorites and give that kid one of the better bags. Unless maybe they're with siblings because we all know how that one will end.

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