Monday, March 17, 2014

Parents sue youth softball league and township because why not

I never played a sport because I'm basically not athletic and dislike sports, but I'm pretty sure that injuries are just a risk you take when you play sports and suing over one would be silly, right?
The parents of a 12-year-old softball player who broke her leg while sliding into home plate have filed a civil lawsuit against a Fayette County youth league and North Union Township.
Oh. Maybe not. Hmm.

They're suing the league itself, as well as the township, and the lawyer argues she broke her leg "because the base path from third base to home plate was uneven with holes and ruts in it."

If the field was that terrible, then fine. But it wasn't so bad that they didn't let their daughter play or that other kids got hurt, too, and are also suing. Still, even though I think America is in some ways a pro-lawsuit culture and tend to think they're ridiculous (with some exceptions), if this was all the suit was over, I'd let it slide (get it!?).

But as always, it gets better.
The injury kept her out of school and extracurricular activities for a “substantial time,” resulted in permanent scarring and will limit her earning capacity, according to the lawsuit.
Wait, an injury from June 23 kept her out of school? Really? As for permanent scarring, it's something no one really wants, but is a scar from a broken leg that horrible? My favorite, though, is that the injury will "limit her earning capacity." How? She's 12. I'm pretty sure broken legs heal, and unless she already had a career in the works as a pro softball player, I have a hard time believing her future is in any danger because of it. But don't listen to me--read the comments on the article for some wonderfully harsh observations.

Man, things are gonna get awkward in court when a lawyer mentions that pesky waiver the parents had to sign in order for their kid to be able to play.

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