Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Connellsville's Aaron's building gets sexy new makeover

You know how I go on and on about Connersville literally falling apart and people in power don't do much and the people with good ideas who want to make a difference are too jaded with local politics to try? The Aaron's building proved me wrong, y'all.

I don't know how many of you remember what Aaron's used to look like, but this is what it looks like now.

HOLY SHIT. Photo by Christine Pocratksy.

It's a tad unclear as to exactly what the building is going to be used for, but its Facebook page is listed as an event venue, meeting room, and apartments/condos. Honestly, any business in downtown Connellsville could be a great thing for the economy, especially when it looks that good.

The building was saved from demolition last year when it was bought for $1 by Terry Shallenberger. And lest you think the city got a crappy deal selling a building for a dollar, it actually saved about $200,000 that would've been spent to demolish it.

Everyone wins here. Progress is progress.

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