Friday, February 26, 2016

Toddler left in carseat for 13 hours

UPDATE: The county coroner has announced that preliminary autopsy results will not be released "so as to in no way compromise the accuracy and completeness of the ongoing investigation into the death of [the child]." Personally, this makes me concerned that this is going to end up a pretty sad, disturbing case.

If you've wondered why posts lately have been kind of bland things like upcoming events, this is why. Keeping up with Fayette County news gets exhausting and upsetting because so much of it is negative, so a long time ago now, I stopped looking for things to post about and instead decided to post about whatever made it onto my radar on its own. Unfortunately, this was it.

A toddler died Wednesday after being taken to Uniontown Hospital after being left in a carseat for 13 hours. Initially, I assumed this meant the child had been left in the car overnight, but this does not seem to be the case. Yet leaving a child strapped in a carseat indoors for no real reason is still confusing to me, not to mention really sad.

The child's mother returned from running errands and went to give her a drink and noticed something was wrong, prompting her to take the child to the hospital. Upon investigation, the home was found to be in "deplorable" condition with no running water. The child's father was at home at the time but apparently just...left her unattended in a carseat for 13 hours. Father of the year right there.

The child's two siblings have since been put in protective custody, which sounds like it's for the best.

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