Monday, April 11, 2016

Man arrested after police chase...and falling for a kind of obvious trap

I kind of love this story.

So, a man was arrested Saturday morning after a police chase. 31-year-old Christopher Greer of Uniontown was initially pulled over Thursday night because he has a history of driving with a suspended license--because, you know, having your license suspended and continuing to drive enough times that you have a reputation for doing it is a great idea. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, other than a police chase through town?

Police lost track of him on Fayette St., due to the fact that he was speeding, running lights and stop signs, etc., which was a bit dangerous.

Early Friday morning, police saw a Facebook post from him looking to sell an iPhone, and this is where things take a funny dumb-criminal turn. An officer texted Greer, pretending to be interested in buying the phone, and they arranged a meeting. Greer must've suspected something was off, because he didn't get out of his car--but he got surrounded anyway, backed into one of the police cruisers, and fled yet again. Good for him for being suspicious, I guess, but that probably would've come in handy before scheduling a meet-up with cops, especially considering he gave himself a flat tire, which resulted in him getting caught.

He's facing multiple charges, including charges of assault and reckless endangerment, with bail set at $20,000.

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