Monday, August 26, 2013

The Nam in my Inbox: Fairchance

Many thanks to reader Marybeth for sending this in!

What you see here is what's left of the Colonial Tavern in Fairchance. The top floor burned a few months ago, and in July, two "bo hunk" hillbillies started to tear it down. Word is the owner plans to save the first floor and build a bar, but this thing looks like it should just come down completely. Sure, it could make a great dive, but I don't think it could withstand its first bar fight. Apparently, zoning says it's okay, though, and following code. Hypothetical, they would know more about this than residents and bloggers, but I think we all know how well politics and authority go down in this county.

Ah, Fairchance. I believe Fairchance is the place my grandfather used to complain about, allegedly in the form of saying to people who lived in Fairchance, "Get the hell out of Fairchance." My boyfriend says it has a name out of a fantasy novel. If only...


  1. HA HA HA Thank YOU for posting that tilted bldg. photo! Reminds me of a ride at Kennywood...Fairchance drinkers BEWARE!! AND they even have a "happy hour" at 7 am!!!!!

    1. Oh a little paint here and a little cement there should be ok:) :) :)

    2. YOU must BE from Fairchance...."h'ain'a???

  2. Have to see this diaster every day It should be torn down and filled in. The Post off is across the street they could use a bigger parking lot