Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On the County's Drug Problem

Fayette County's drug problem is pretty well-known--almost everyone has some sort of anecdote about it. My go-to is the one I heard about local companies receiving hundreds of applications for a job but only a handful of those applicants are able to pass a drug test. There are other stories, too, about everything from theft to forged prescriptions.

We tend to make light of it around here if we're not dealing with it directly. It's easy to look at some with a drug addiction and have some degree of disregard for them, but the reality is Fayette County's drug problem is very real and very serious, and in a new series of videos by HeraldStandard.com, this is put into glaring perspective.

Be sure to watch both videos--the first shows the problem from the perspective of law enforcement, which speaks to how widespread the problem is, but the second video is just as important, perhaps moreso. The story of addict George Britt is moving and demonstrates just what drug addiction is through Britt's history of addiction. What's important to remember, too, is that addicts are addicts forever. Rehab isn't a cure, and addiction is a constant lifelong battle.

The solution isn't simple, and we probably need more than one solution, but I think we can all start by understanding the severity of addiction in Fayette County and remember not to laugh it off. While solving the countywide problem of drug addiction may be complicated, helping just one person makes a difference. If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs--or alcohol--please know people are willing and able to help you and it's okay to ask. A full list of the county's drug and alcohol treatment programs can be found here.

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