Monday, February 10, 2014

The Nam on Twitter: Small-Town Drinking

Don't get me wrong, Lynn's in South Connellsville is a very fun bar with great food and bartenders that will make you delicious beverages based on what kind of flavors you want. I highly recommend ordering a Fancy Angry Orchard. I don't know what the real drink's name is, but there are two versions, cinnamon and candy apple, where Angry Orchard gets taken up a notch with various flavored liquors and things. It's delicious.

But the real issue here is that around here, drinking in a small, popular bar on the weekend means drinking with people you want to middle and high school with. Sometimes, you see people who picked on you but it's been seven years since you graduated so you don't give a damn. Sometimes, you see old friends and hang out. Sometimes, you see former friends who are former friends for a reason--say and ability to comprehend the word "no" and a penchant for compulsive lying you're not in the mood to indulge anymore, so you tell the people they're lying about and go outside with the resident regular smokers, even though you don't smoke, and some offer to beat the dude up for you and others offer to pretend to boy your boyfriend to scare him off. And then he gets called out on his lies and tells people he was harassed at the bar.

At least we can all be united by enthusiastic "USA!" chants during the Olympics and house band LFB.

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