Saturday, April 4, 2015

Is Mike Wood Toyota ripping people off?

I've been suspicious about my dealings with Mike Wood Toyota ever since the ownership changed to Mike Wood--not only was most of the previous staff gone (I've learned since some were fired and others left willingly), but suddenly, my car couldn't pass inspection without hundreds of dollars of repairs put into it, not to mention that they replaced my windshield wipers only for the wipers to lose a chunk of rubber while I was driving down the highway. At subsequent visits to Mike Wood Toyota for other repairs, they've been asked to fix the faulty wipers--which are under warranty--and have failed to do so twice, and I unfortunately haven't noticed until I've driven away and been too far gone to turn back around and have them fixed.

My mom was suspicious, too, but on the other hand would say things like, "But it's never broken down and you've never had any other problems with it," and this is a hand-me-down that went from my grandma to my dad to me that now has 120,000+ miles on it. So my mom had a point, though we remained skeptical. But then came my brother's car.

My brother still lives at home--sort of. He's currently away at basic training, but my parents took his car--also a hand-me-down that passed from my mom to my dad to him with even more miles on it than my Corolla--for an inspection. Not only did an employee tell my dad that he could not ethically do what Mike Wood wanted him to, but he was also told that without $2,500 worth of repairs, including power steering fluid, power steering column, brakes, and more, the car wouldn't pass inspection. So they decided to get a second opinion from a family friend. That verdict? That the only repair it actually needed were the brakes, which could be done for 100 bucks. While I admire Mike Wood's employee for being unwilling to comply with his wishes over ethical concerns, I wonder how much worse it could've been considering they wouldn't let the car pass inspection without my parents dishing out 2,500 unnecessary bucks.

Needless to say, we won't be taking our cars back to Mike Wood Toyota.

But by the sounds of it, we're not the only ones. I've heard stories of things like people being told their air filters need replaced long before they should, even in the dustiest conditions, and other people being told fluid is leaking, despite none of the telltale signs of a fluid leak.

In fact, some of Toyota's previous loyal customers have jumped ship for Uniontown Honda, where previous Toyota salespeople moved.

All in all, it sounds like Mike Wood Toyota is charging for unnecessary repairs and lying to loyal customers to keep them away from trusted salespeople who have since taken their talents elsewhere.

While most reviews for the dealership itself are positive, Mike Wood Toyota does have some one- and two-star reviews, though very few elaborate on the customers' grievances.

This also isn't the first Fayette County car business to be accused of ripping off customers--we heard about it being done at Mr. Tire just under two years ago.

So, what are your experiences with Mike Wood Toyota, or even with Mr. Tire?

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