Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Nam on Facebook: Mr. Tire

Now, this is a bit problematic in itself. Men, women aren't idiots you can make some fast money off of because you think they'll agree with whatever you say and let you do whatever you want to their car (or not do it and charge anyway). And honestly, if it were just this complaint, I might throw this up here, make some brief commentary on sexism, and call it a day. But a discussion ensued, and apparently, Mr. Tire is horrible.

Ruh roh. This doesn't sound good at all.

Multiple stories about the same shop insisting on unnecessary expensive repairs? Fantastic. This doesn't even count the texts the original poster received after this about this place, presumably saying very similar things. Not to mention the oil change and tire rotation they had advertised at $17.99 ending up costing over $25.

By the way, I go to the Pennzoil place or whatever by K-Mart. They change my oil quickly, are nice, and unless all of Fayette County needs an oil change at the same time, they're fast. In fact, I'm due for an oil change, and I'm gonna even splurge on fancy new windshield wipers. Funny how you get business by not being shady and sexist.

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