Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Nam on Twitter: Themed Parties

For those of you who don't know, my cousins live on what was once a farm. An old barn on the property houses Judy's Dresses and Gowns (where I got all my dresses for formal dances and plan to get my wedding dress for my currently nonexistent wedding), and a little shed was converted into a bar. The shed is where we hold parties, and we're huge fans of themed parties. The shed has also made appearances before.

When a long-time friend leaves the Nam for Arizona, the sensible thing to do is hold a themed going-away party, right? And the most obvious theme is America/Fayettenam, right?

I haven't gotten around to uploading all my pictures, plus I don't want to post things people may not want me to (even though they're all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but whatever), but let's just say costume highlights included pregnant women drinking, mullets, pajamas, and Connellsville's own mayoral candidate Josh DeWitt. I wore a tube top with a plaid shirt over it because that top was tiny, along with shorts and some glorious cowboy boots. Sadly, I never got a full-body picture.

As if by fate, Sherwood's was open for a rare night, so some of us ventured down. Sis made the smoothest margarita I have ever tasted. And we were dressed up.

So here's a taste of that.
Clicking the link will take you to one of the contenders for best-dressed...at least until DeWitt and the pregnant girls showed up, then they were tied.
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  1. So VMT as seen above, was one of the best men in my wedding.