Monday, May 20, 2013

The Nam on Facebook: The Sky Toilet Chronicles

I haven't really been keeping up with local elections. I only know what I see on Facebook these days, and that's pretty much vague endorsements with little to no explanation. But with elections tomorrow, things are getting, well, interesting.

Okay, apparently Sky Toilet is basically that toilet back there that's just chilling and was supposed to be demolished, except it obviously wasn't. Only in Fayette County would we have a political scandal called Sky Toilet.

Greg Lincoln is social media's favorite for mayor because he wants to get shit done, and I'm all for getting shit done. JD is candidate Joshua Dewitt, who is facing felony charges for working in his uncle's chop shop. Of course, he denies having any knowledge of working with stolen cars. DeWitt also apparently renovates/manages--or is supposed to--some of the city's dilapidated buildings. Some county message boards see him as an entrepreneur with a vision, but Sky Toilet seems to shoot that down.

DeWitt, regardless of whether or not he knowingly did anything illegal, is blaming Lincoln for his arrest (and maybe the chop shop too?), calling it a political vendetta. Because, you know, Lincoln is totally in control of this and nothing says, "Vote for me!" like blaming your criminal past on other people.

You know what else screams "Vote for me!"? Not knowing how to use commas and not knowing that "wouldn't of" and "wouldn't have" are not only totally different but one doesn't even make sense. Hint: it's the one he posted on the sign.

But perhaps the biggest problem here is the fact that rather than fix this Sky Toilet thing or even, you know, address the issue like a legitimate mayoral candidate and not a passive-aggressive teenage girl on Facebook, DeWitt spent time and money making and posting this sign that's such a hot mess, Lincoln should have no problem winning this bitch.

But wait! There's more!

As I've said, I haven't been following this until about an hour ago. But some Connellsvillians have been, and so this is the part where I let their commentary on Facebook take over because it's just way better than me. There are so many that rather than screenshot them and spend forever editing out full names and photos and giving you a novel to peruse, I'll just quote the highlights. We'll start with the poster, Fr. Bob (full disclosure: Fr. Bob did ask me to share the photo before I initially saw it, but let's be real: how can I pass this up?)
I really don't know how a CANDIDATE for office can cause another person to be arrested! This looks like a desperate ploy by the "Powers That Be" to make sure that the status quo (which has OBVIOUSLY been SO good for the Jewel of the Yough!) obtains.
Apparently, though, DeWitt's arrest probably didn't have a whole hell of a lot to do with the lingering Sky Toilet has been around for a long time.
I just want to know, he hasn't fixed it in two years and all of a sudden when he gets arrested that was when he was going to fix it.
And from the same user:
I love how he took the time to put up the sign, but not fix the HUGE HOLE in the side of the building.
All fair points.
You'd have at least thought he'd have covered the toilet with the sign...
 Oh, that, too. Then maybe at least he could pretend it was gone.
Disgusting. Utterly disgusting. He had time to put the sign up, but couldn't cover the hole. Its not like he doesn't have time considering he's out on bail.
I wonder why he never did anything with all the other dilapidated properties he "manages". He must have been arrested on all of those days too , lol .
He also said last year it would be down last spring, then at the Mayor Candidates meeting at the Carnegie Library it was suppose to be down in a week. This is a month later. The last demolition permit he got to take it down expired. They are good for 12 months.....
 Great job! But wait, this sounds like a common problem. From that message board:
Mr. Dewitt appeared before the health board once, asking for an extension to renovate the building on Pittsburgh St by the vacant lot at Rumors. said roof, windows, everything would be renovated in 60 days and tenants would be in apartments. That was last year. Building still without roof.
If I were a Connellsville voter, this is all I'd need to sway me to vote for Lincoln. I'm a fan of weighing options and making the most informed decision possible, but seriously, what other reasons do you need after this mess?

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