Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fine Dining: 30 East Main

I used to love the original incarnation of 30 East Main when it opened years ago and had really neat decorating with things like theater posters everywhere, like it was catering to the State Theatre-going crowd. The food was excellent, and it was one of Uniontown's nicest places. And then it closed. And then it reopened. And then it closed again because it wasn't good enough. And now it's reopened again and has been for a while, and I've been wanting to go back for a while, so I finally did it Friday night with my boyfriend.

And I was quite disappointed.

The new atmosphere is lovely and a bit more stripped down but still pretty. The goal is a tavern inspired by Fayette County's history, and it does pretty well in that. Everything looks lovely, and the space is set up wonderfully for the occasional live music they have on weekends.

Drinks are good. I got a pretty strong Long Island iced tea. As an appetizer, my boyfriend ordered egg rolls, which were actually really good, which leads me to believe appetizers and drinks are where 30 East Main's true strengths lie (well, that and the tasty cinnamon bread). Because when we got our entrees, we thought they were good but not impressive and certainly not up to the quality of food 30 East Main offered originally.

I had baked spaghetti, which was good but didn't have a whole lot of flavor. My boyfriend had a pulled pork sandwich, and he felt the same way--good, but not impressive, especially considering the restaurant's reputation and price, which is especially interesting since they consider themselves an "everyman's" restaurant. This is true in terms on menu items only, but not price. We both felt that for the quality of food we got, we would've been better to go somewhere else that does the same food or similar cheaper. And I should mention that I almost never complain about a meal. I only dislike two establishments in the Nam--Denny's and Golden Corral. 30 East Main is definitely better than them both, but if you're after excellent sandwiches, you're better off going to a place like Potter's, and if you're after excellent pasta, you're better off going to Meloni's. If something a little nicer is what you're after, then you're gonna want Caileigh's or Caporella's. You could do better than 30 East Main, and 30 East Main can--and definitely used to--do better for you.

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  1. omg!! I totally agree. I ate their once or twice when it originally opened. Other than the price, it was delicious, and I particularly enjoyed the "Hair" poster hanging near the bar. Keep in mind, the last time I was there was 2007, approximately. Two weekends ago, my fiancé and our friends decided they wanted to crawl around the Nam's nucleus and get a little crunk nasty. I'm always the DD, because I'm sober sally. We went to 30 east after hours on a Saturday night and the place was filthy. The waitresses were booty dancing and not serving anyone. Sloppy white guys impressed us with their own version of the Harlem Shake for about ten minutes. They had a DJ and were really trying to cater to the younger crowd. We appreciated their efforts, but all four of the people with me ordered different drinks and paid an average of ten dollars a piece for them. They left them all full and untouched on the table. They said they were the worst mixed drinks they've ever had. It just wasn't a very classy establishment. DEFINITELY not the 30 east I remember.