Friday, May 31, 2013

Nerds of the Nam Rejoice

I'm not dead! I've just been crazy busy. So I did what any girl who hasn't blogged in like a week would do: I asked my little brother to do it for me and tell you nerds about your new heaven since House of Cards by Gabe's has been gone for ages and no one's gonna want to truck it to Gaming Dungeon in Washington. I've added some comments in italics because I would be a bad big sister if I didn't.

Nerds of the Nam may now rejoice in the fact that there is a new store that caters to us, as well as the sports collectors: Sports Collectors Universe (SCU) at the Uniontown Mall. I have been there God only know how many times (I can attest to this), and every time, I am thoroughly impressed, to say the least.

The store is rapidly growing, and there is always something new every time I go. The selection of various trading cards--Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sports Trading Cards--is always expanding, and the prices are very good, especially when there is the 50% off of all Magic card singles sale. (Either these happen a lot or this kid just finds other reasons to go. With my boyfriend.) Speaking of prices, Sports Collectors Universe has some of the cheapest prices for packs I have ever seen at three dollars a pack for the newer sets, as well as good prices for fat packs at $36 for a pack of 9 and some extra goodies inside (as compared to $40 elsewhere) and $105 for boxes with 36 packs (not bad since anywhere else it is $120).  (I don't know what these words mean.) The store also has packs from older sets, where they can run as high as $10 dollars a pack, which is still a pretty good price, especially from those older sets.

SCU is also good for trades. I have traded in a lot of cards and got what I was anticipating, if not more. One time, the store was busy during 50% sale. The owner, Bryce, was busy back-and-forth a lot that day and took a little while to go through my cards, but he gave me an extra eight bucks because of it, so I got $48 worth of trade (that's a lot of cards!) and the same amount if I wanted cash. So, yeah I went shopping and got some money afterwards.

I haven’t been there for any tournaments yet, but hopefully, I will have a chance to sometime soon. But from what I have seen so far, I love what I am looking at. (I've been in the store and seen people playing in the back, and it's packed. Get out there, nerds! I call you that out of love.)

Also, SCU is a great place if you are a fan of sports. I am not just talking about sport trading cards but gear and memorabilia. SCU has a wide variety of collectibles and items from accessories for your car to Christmas tree ornaments.   

All I got out of that was they have cool cards on the cheap and the owner is cool. I'm also pretty sure he recognizes both my brother and boyfriend. I do know firsthand how nice his sports stuff is, though--he's my go-to guy when I'm shopping for Pens fans because he has neat stuff at good prices, and he's super nice to talk to.

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