Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keg Stand Ends in Stabbing

Two brothers were stabbed at a party after a woman wanted to do a keg stand.

The party does sound like the best ever: the brothers got there via ATV, there was a fire pit, it was in Dunbar. This whole thing feels like a mystery story to me. Who stabbed whom? Why? Was it the woman's jealous boyfriend, who got angry after one or both brothers handled her for her keg stand?

Nope. She wanted to do a second one and one of the brothers objected.
A minor fight broke out when an unidentified man told Travis Burnsworth that Huffine “could do whatever the (expletive) she wanted to,” according to the complaint.
This whole thing sounds like chaos. Someone lost a wedding ring, people tried to find it, the woman claimed she was punched in the face in the process. The brothers were stabbed when they confronted the alleged puncher.

Boyer told police the Burnsworth brothers were arguing with his brother, Josiah Boyer, when he intervened.
Elijah Boyer told police he threatened to stab the Burnsworths if they harmed his brother and the two were backing away when “four or five men began to punch him in the head and face.”
Elijah Boyer told police he then pulled out the knife “and started swinging it at the males,” according to the complaint. He fled into a wooded area and left in a van. Most of the other partygoers fled when Cody Fisher fired a pistol into the woods, according to the complaint.
Just...what the hell?

P.S.: Any article that cites Urban Dictionary to define "keg stand" is the best ever. Ever.

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  1. Ah, Fayette County's finest! Danette shouldn't even be drinking considering she's pregnant, but this doesn't surprise me one bit.