Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Uniontown Fire Chief Goes Kinda Viral

This video started making the Facebook rounds today.

Basically, it's the fire chief (and basketball coach) saying "fuck" more than I do and yelling and generally being difficult and possibly threatening physical violence, which are all admittedly bad things to do if you're the fire chief. But we have no idea what happened before this footage was shot.

Without knowing context, it's really difficult to definitively say either way that this guy is completely out of line or he's just doing his job. But it isn't hard to determine--based on phrases and the way the video starts--that some words had already been exchanged. And it sounds like what happened is the guy filming was told to move before and either didn't or went right back to where he was when he thought someone wasn't looking, and the fire chief noticed.

Here's the deal, dudes: I'm all for filming people when situations get heated, especially if they're acting in a morally or legally questionable manner. This fire chief probably should've chosen some different words, but if the cops and fire chief are working--and YouTube comments suggest this was a bomb threat--and they yell at you, you're either in their way, putting yourself in danger, or both. And when a fire chief tells you to get out of the way and shut up, you should probably just do it rather than whip out your video camera so you can piss him off even more, film it, post it on YouTube, and start a campaign to demand his resignation. Phone numbers have been posted multiple times on YouTube.

The internet and ability to expose questionable behavior doesn't make this a free-for-all. You can't just do whatever you want and cry abuse. The world doesn't work that way. Consider me a middle man: settle down, fire chief, and rethink your words. Get out of the way, dude, and don't antagonize people.

But you know what is a free-for-all? YouTube comments.
He brings two fat fucks with him like they gonna do something you guy r all homos
Most of those in power here are drunks. Fayette County hasn't had a sober District Attorney in 30 years or more. Put a breathalyzer at the entrance to the courthouse and no one in a suit could get in the building. I've never seen Mr. Coldren before that I know of, so I can't comment on his drinking habits...but you're shock here if that were the case.
Nothing says "informed opinion" like "I don't know this dude, but he's probably a drunk like everyone else I don't know!" 

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