Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fine Dining: Shogun Revisited

What do you do when your brother and dad go out of town, leaving your mom home alone with an adorable beagle a week before Mother's Day, when you'll be on vacation (and will end up with a stomach virus)? You go home to the Nam for a mother/daughter bonding weekend and fall asleep petting the beagle, of course!

You also wake up to, "Janelle, I need you to come with me to take the dog to the vet" because of stomach issues, but you also get a trip to Shogun in.

Now, my mom heard this theory that if you get a regular table at Shogun as opposed to hibachi, you actually get more food. I disagree with this since I actually finished all my food, but I actually prefer it that way--oriental food tends not to reheat well. I have a method to reheating my Nguyen pad thai and if I don't do it, I might as well not eat it. And that's like my body weight in noodles.

And that's how I've come to be unfaithful to my true love, Nguyen.

Now, the two places technically shouldn't be compared, as one is Japanese and the other is Vietnamese, but I've come to prefer Shogun's pad thai now. I prefer their sauce, for one thing, but I really love manageable portion sizes. So does my boyfriend. The last time we went out for dinner, he looked at my plate of Fiesta Azteca leftovers and said, "If you're waiting for me to help you, I can't." We're so cute, we finish each other's food.

And as always, their cocktails were great. Plus the food came out really fast, although it was a slow night and like I said, not hibachi. I'll be back.

Don't worry, Nguyen's. I'm still hooked on your miso soup and cucumber rolls. You may not have great cocktails, but you are BYOB!

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