Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Body Found in Yough...Again

This happens a lot, doesn't it? Except this time, it isn't someone who drowned, which is good--except that it's actually kind of worse because the woman was beaten to death and dumped there. Awesome.
Police have charged two men with strangling and sexually assaulting a woman whose body was found by a troop of Boy Scouts in the Youghiogheny River.
Found by Boy Scouts? Seriously? This is really gonna be one of those stories that just keeps getting worse, isn't it?
In a criminal complaint, investigators said witnesses reported Paul Bannasch asked bar patrons where Kriek lived. When customers said they were going to report him to bar security, Bannasch said, "If they see him on any fliers or on a wanted sign, to say that they didn't see him or didn't know him," according to the complaint.
Because there's nothing suspicious or anything about some dude going around asking where a woman lives and telling people to lie about him asking. Pro tip: next time this happens, Connellsville, either lie, call the cops, warn the possible intended victim, or all of the above. Seriously. Sometimes, things happen because no one stops them from happening, and we need to turn that around.

Bannasch and another man, Craig Rugg, were both arrested in connection with the murder. No word on why the hell they did it, though, but I'm sure it's a real zinger.

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