Monday, June 17, 2013


  • A bunch of new job listings went up, so check them out at PA Career Link if you need a job. Also, try to be able to pass a drug test if you apply.
  • I have a box of Colebrook black raspberry chocolates on my coffee table as an early birthday present from my boyfriend. Or at least I did until I started typing this and went to eat them. By the way, I turn 24 on Friday. Now accepting more chocolates, Sweet Frog gift cards, and drinks at my Shogun birthday dinner.
  • Or maybe I should celebrate with the State Theatre's Classic Film Series. They're showing E.T. the Extra-terrestrial at 2 and 7 p.m., $5 for adults and $3 for seniors, students, and children.
  • Why are construction signs popping up on 119 again? I've been enjoying the construction-free highway since they finished everything up a few years ago, and it's too soon to give it up.
  • Debating a new series called "Preach It, Fr. Bob!" featuring his Facebook rants about local politics that are always spot-on. Is it too late to get him on the mayoral ballot? How about commissioner?
  • We have a Planet Fitness in Uniontown. We're moving up in the world. First frozen yogurt, now this!?
  • Check out the St. Rita Parish Festival Facebook page, and then when the festival starts, check that out, too, for the fried dough if nothing else. 
  • Speaking of fried food, I can't wait to eat my way across the fair next month. Liveblog, anyone?

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