Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sorry, guys, we have a ton of little things to catch up on/announce/discuss.

  • An opera about Frank Lloyd Wright is currently playing in Pittsburgh and recently played at Fallingwater. Remember, kids, we have the honor of having two Frank Lloyd Wright structures in our county. Some argue we should stop citing this when we talk about Fayette County because it's irrelevant to the current state of the county, which is true, but they're still two gorgeous pieces of architecture and give you something to do/see on a nice, summer weekend. You just have to go up the mountain. Also, you can vote for it as the 8th wonder of the world, which has to count for something.
  • Artist and mastermind behind Coffee on Crawford and Cross Worlds Nexus has designed the art for a new online game, Apocalypse Defense. We discussed this at the last Steel City Con. We also discussed my vacation last year to Mexico.
  • Fiesta Azteca wins social-media marketing with their take on a meme. Also, I had some sort of shrimp dish with spinach and cheese that was amazing the last time I was there, and my boyfriend and I praise their banana margaritas to anyone who will listen. I know how weird a banana margarita sounds and how gross you think it is, but you're wrong.
  • Fayette Friends of Animals has been holding a Tabby Tuesday, where you can adopt a tabby cat for just $20.
  • The Italian Festival will be held at the fairgrounds August 23-25. They're giving away a red Camaro!

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