Thursday, July 30, 2015

Get well soon, Mr. Orlando!

Today, I realized that more content makes its way to Facebook than it does here, and that a lot of people avoid Facebook for very good reasons. So it's time to make sure there's a little more overlap so y'all are all up-to-date.

So for starters, former Geibel teacher--the man who taught me geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus--and calligrapher Mr. Orlando has unfortunately broken his wrist and will be out of the calligraphy game for a few weeks.

But on the bright side, Mr. O is also featured in the new book 100 New York Calligraphers.

"Irony and agony. Well played, Universe," he said on Facebook.

While Mr. O's wrist heals, check out his Etsy shop to buy some of his gorgeous calligraphy--I've bought some of his cards in the past, and I have a piece of his that I bought a few years at the annual Geibel auction that's one of my favorite things in my apartment.

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