Thursday, October 6, 2016


Hello, everyone! Long time, no post. Truth be told, the reason posts have fizzled out is because I really just didn't feel like doing them--keeping up with Fayette County's news can be tiring and disheartening, and on top of that, there have been times where I felt I didn't have much to say and I'd only be rehashing a news article, and I don't think that's what anyone is interested in reading.

That said, I don't want to end the blog altogether, and I will try to surprise you with the occasional post. I have some Nam Nuptials posts I'd like to do, and there's a political post brewing. But first, I wanted to tackle something a little simpler and a bit more pressing--registering to vote.

It's election season, and we're all surrounded by ads and social-media posts about who should or not be president. But the thing is, you have to do more than just discuss politics--you have to get involved, and you have to get out and vote on election day. And of course, in order to vote, you have to first be registered, and you have to be registered by a certain day to be able to vote on Nov. 8.

The deadline for us here in Pennsylvania is Oct. 11. You can register with a paper form and mail it to your county voter-registration office as long as it's postmarked by the 11th, or you can register online by clicking here. For the most part, all the form requires is some basic personal information.

If you think you may already be registered but aren't sure, you can check by clicking here and searching using your name or your driver's-license number.

If you're registered but aren't sure where to go to vote, you can search for your polling place by clicking here and entering your address.

And remember, take the time to learn about all the candidates--including those running for local positions--and make an informed decision.

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