Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Boulders

If you've ever wanted to stalk me, you're halfway there. Not only is the house I used to live in featured in the Herald-Standard, but I wrote the piece. Check it.

Fun stuff that didn't make the final cut:

  • I always used to feel like I was being watched, and the third floor horrified me.
  • We had this massive coat rack that also kind of served as a bench-like thing. It's arms were carved into lions. It scared me as a child. Now, it's totally badass.
  • That hill was the biggest pain in the winter. My plastic Spice Girls lunchbox in fourth grade didn't survive a winter of me falling and banging it on ice while making my way to the car to go to school.
  • The huge tree in the yard is still my favorite.
  • The apple trees were boss but messy.
  • It attracted squirrels and bats like you wouldn't believe.
  • My pet fish, Blinky, is buried in a Clinique make-up box on the bank next to the driveway.
  • The fountain made an excellent snow fort.
  • My mom claims my grandfather added the sidewalk so we could ride our bikes on an even surface that wasn't several feet of driveway. I scraped me knee horribly on that sidewalk once.
  • I used to sit on the wooden radiator covers, because that was warmer than anything else. My radiator in my room leaked water everywhere and soaked my carpet and the floors.
  • My grandfather let me decorate my room when I was six. The result was pink people and stars made with sponge patterns in paint that were placed at random, only a few feet off the ground, and frequently had drips of the pink paint trailing from them.
  • A huge chunk of plaster fell from the ceiling in my brother's room once. Fortunately, it was while we were eating dinner and not while he was sleeping or playing in its path.

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