Sunday, January 29, 2012

Missing Dog

People of South Connellsville! A chocolate lab has been spotted running around my friend's sister's house. It has a collar, but the dog runs away when approached. If this dog may be yours, please inquire within!

This reminds me of the time a dog got loose and was hanging around my neighborhood. I didn't want him to run into the main road, which he eventually did anyway, so I tried to lure him with treats. He ignored me. So did my neighbors, who witness me trying to chase down this beastly but gentle dog. When I finally got him, I had to sit with him outside and play phone tag. I called my mom, my mom called the vet on the tag since there was no phone number, the vet called the owner, my mom called me, and I called the owner.

I think he thought we were playing a super fun game, because when his owner arrived, he ran off and onto a neighbor's deck before she could get him in her SUV.

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