Monday, January 5, 2015

The Uniontown Mall could be YOURS!

UPDATE: The Herald-Standard has picked up the story. The most interesting new information here? The Uniontown Mall is currently working on making improvements to the movie theater (about time!) and we're getting a Five Guys.

Found tucked in an article from Washington's Observer-Reporter about the Washington Crown Center being for sale:
Philadelphia-based Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust said in a press release that the local mall is among five — the list also includes Uniontown Mall — that it will seek to divest from its portfolio in 2015.
According to the Observer-Reporter, these malls are among the company's "non-core" assets, which I assume means they don't make enough money for them to give many shits about.

Not much information is available--Washington's full article isn't out yet, plus their focus would be Washington anyway, and the Fayettenam publications have yet to mention anything. Then again, the closing of the Laurel Mall movie theater is still a mystery.

Perhaps the Laurel Mall is a haunting Ghost of Mall Future--a cautionary tale of what the Uniontown Mall could become...or why they want to sell.

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