Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Nam to be featured on "Finding Bigfoot"

UPDATE: The Uniontown episode of "Finding Bigfoot" will air January 25 at 10 p.m.

First "Treehouse Masters," now the greatest TV show of all time--"Finding Bigfoot," thus fulfilling all my dreams.

Cast and crew was in Uniontown last week filming. Based on her Facebook posts, we'll likely see Geibel teacher (and one of my favorites, and not just because she has awesome hair or because I think she should start selling Bigfoot jewelry in her Etsy shop) Julie Yankovich featured in the crowd. She also informed me that to attend the meeting, you had to get an invite through the show's unsung hero Ranae Holland's Facebook page, which taught me a very valuable lesson--like every single Facebook page related to my interests so I don't miss any cool opportunities, like being in the same room as national treasure Bobo. Hell, because I now live in Washington, I wasn't even in the same county as Bobo.
“This is the best town hall meeting we’ve ever had — the sheer amount of stories we had — we literally did not have enough time before we had to start wrapping things up,” said one of the show’s producers, Sean Mantooth.
I'm not surprised, being that I'm still praying that someone still has a copy of the Bigfoot eyewitness sketch the Herald Standard ran many summers ago. Like, the "Finding Bigfoot" crew coming here was probably my #1 dream for us, and getting that sketch is #2.

Anyway, they filmed in the State Theatre, which I'm hoping leads to some other Discovery-owned TV show dealing with the paranormal to do an episode there, like "When Ghosts Attack." We need the curse of Ernie and his band on national TV.
“So far, it’s been good. We just had one of the best town hall meetings we’ve ever had,” said Bobo. “We’ve had a lot of great witnesses. This is good territory with lots of food, sustenance, water, cover woods, and caves, so people shouldn’t be surprised — they’ve got Squatches here.”
Yes, Bobo, I do believe there's a 'Squatch in the Nam! Please, do your best to lure it out and capture it on film. Throw a rave. Cook it bacon. Host a Clarks concert.

The cast also stayed for a meet and greet, which is pretty cool.

The episode will air sometime next year as part of the show's sixth season, which will start airing in November. Liveblog, anyone?

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